High temperature teflon cable FF


This product is suitable for AC  rated voltage 0.6/1KV and below fixed laying transmission and distribution  lines,power transmission or motor lead wire high temperature,corrosion,acid and  corrosive gases,water and other characteristics,high temperature stability of  electrical performance,carrying capacity,long life,are widely used in  metallurgy,electric power,petrochemical,large building,automobile manufacturing  and other insustries.

Technical date:

AC rated voltage:ACU0/U0.6/1KV
Maximum operating  temperature:poly FEP(F46) insulation does not exceed 200℃
Minimum ambient  temperature:fluorine plastic insulation and sheath Fixed laying -40℃,non-fixed laying -15℃
Laying of cable installation  temperature should not be less than 0℃
Cable bending  radius:single-core cable minimum 15 times the cable diameter,Multi-core cable  minimum 10 times the cable diameter

Fluorine plastic high temperature power cables

Basic Model and name
typeProduct NameNormal temperature℃
FF46Fluoride plastic insulated and sheathed power cable-60-200
FF46PFluoride plastic insulated and sheathed copper braid shidlded power cable-60-200
ZR-F46(FV)Fluoride plastic insulated and PVC sheathed flame retardant power cable-60-260
ZR-FF4PPFA insulated and sheathed steel armored power eable(imported raw materials)-60-260
YGC-F46(FG)Fluorine plastic insulation silicon rubber sheath power cable-60-180
YVF-F46Fluoride plastic insulation PVC sheathed flame retardant power cable nitrile-60-105
Code names and meanings
CodeThe meaning of code
A series of codesIgnore
YVFNitrile Butadiene Rubber
GSilicone rubber
ZR(V)Flame retardant PVC(Three kinds of 70℃、90℃、105℃ )
PCopper braid
RStranded conductor
The main technical indicators
Finished cable conductor DC resistance (in accordance with the provisions of GB3956)
20℃when the insulation resistance of not less than 500MΩ/KM,180℃when the insulation resistance of not less than10MΩ/KM
Finished cable communication 50HZ3.5KV/5min withstand voltage test without breakdown